An Entrepreneur’s Education Now Entails Social Media Blueprint

While social media is often driven by the advice-a-tat-tat of thumbs dancing through phones, more and more professionals want to learn the “language” of social media to advance the addressable market related to their company or product and to extend.

According to Pew Research, most older American adults use YouTube and Facebook, while Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok are more common among the under-30s.

Higher education recognized this as part of their learning goals and ability to market institutional offerings, and quickly developed social media courses. Additionally, institutions such as Vanderbilt University and Cornell University and other certificate programs are building that focus on content creation, brand awareness, and marketing strategies to prepare students for careers.

Many companies have moved away from the notion that social media distracts employees but is valuable when used responsibly and effectively. Zippia reports that as of June 2022, there are nearly 4.65 billion social media users worldwide. As employees use platforms to conduct personal and professional matters, social media is a growing tool for businesses, expanding brand awareness, creative strategies, and communication between customers and employees.

As social media grows in popularity and usefulness, few seem able to afford to fall behind. For older audiences who are less familiar with social media practices, the addition of classes and coaching can be helpful tools to get over the hump.

Brooke Bonder is a coach, motivational speaker and program creator who offers a course called Stand Out Online, a system for entrepreneurs and other professionals who want to understand social media and leverage customer prospecting skills.

Brooke has appeared on CBS, MTV, and in The New York Times Finance, Yahoo Finance, and Success Magazine. Known in social media circles as BabbleOnBrooke, she designs coursework and coaching programs with a focus on mindset awareness and social media literacy. Unlike many purely practical nut-and-bolt frameworks, BabbleOnBrooke systems are heavily focused on the principles of mindset and neuroplasticity to rewire the mind as the core.

After suffering a life-threatening neck injury that left her unable to breathe, move, or speak properly, she changed her mindset to emerge with a personal and professional goal.

dual approach

“I took 25 years of experience in high-level communication and mindset skills and combined them,” she says. “It enables entrepreneurs to acquire their ideal clients and customers more easily and efficiently. Called Stand Out Online Academy, it addresses everything needed to feel safer and more comfortable while taking care of any false limiting beliefs.”

Brooke believes professionals can break free from perceived competency gaps by strengthening their communication skills with her program. “It’s a wonderful standalone program, but also a great complement to other programs.”

Entrepreneurs and professionals who have been part of the Stand Out Online Academy have often taken other social media courses that teach strategy or how to write a message. However, as Brooke suggests, many come into the Stand Out program looking for a missing element. “There is always something that comes in

their way,” says Brooke. “They don’t look for a course that will help them, especially when communication and mindset are the main goal. However, they know their pain point. They know they’re stuck. They know they are not attracting clients and customers and want to grow. Our program supports the growth of professional students who use social media as an accelerator for their business goals.”

According to Brooke, many are still trying to navigate the new world of social media, especially those who didn’t grow up with the internet or others who were late to realizing the phenomenon.

“Many grew up with analog and had to learn the digital space. Hence, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of online communication to succeed in business these days. To be clear, this is not a program for people to go out and become influencers or become big content creators. It simply teaches how to use the resources we have at our disposal efficiently and simply to create a more enjoyable experience.”

Journey into self-responsibility

With a decades-long background in Hollywood and entertainment, Brooke has developed skills that she applies to her course development, emphasizing social audio platforms such as Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, Facebook’s Live Audio and LinkedIn Audio. However, the core of her training arose over the past 11 years as her personal journey and recovery from a serious accident that changed her entire mindset. She credits this epiphany as “From Hollywood To Housebound, To Healing,” which has shaped her overall message.

“Recovering from the car accident forced me to dive deep into the idea of ​​’mentality.’ I needed to learn about neuroplasticity and human design, and I grabbed anything that could help my brain facilitate my physical recovery,” she says. “There were years when I couldn’t speak and could only communicate by blinking. Those were the years I researched. It was bad and I was told everything under the sun, including a request for my final farewell. In such a position you learn that you are responsible for your own life.”

Now she combines her previous work experience and new discoveries to instill inspirational purpose, empowerment and accountability in others.

mindset is everything

“Everything begins and ends with attitude,” Brooke emphasizes. “It may sound cliche, but it’s absolutely true. When we work on our mindset, everything else improves.” Half of her class is devoted to learning that like the body, the mind is a muscle and can be trained.

She advocates additional learning how to exercise the brain, especially at school. According to Brooke, modern life’s attention span has reduced to eight seconds and is falling precipitously in a “squirrel-like” fashion.

Brooke learned through personal willpower and dedication that life is full of possibilities, especially when so much is being taken away. “Everything is possible. If we know that, it can be the foundation or house of our life,” she says. “We can build any house we want. We will go into this in the course; for many, it’s the tip of the iceberg.”

The impossible is beginning to thaw into the possible for entrepreneurs, business professionals and individuals who are searching for a better sense of self while learning to further their endeavors through communication channels such as social media.

Bonder’s achievements through pain reflect a new professional world full of subject matter experts who are still looking for holistic approaches that surpass traditional methods. Deeper understanding and personal faith are at the heart of Brooke’s courses and, when applied, can usher in methods of communication that are both professionally rewarding and authentic.

The interviews have been edited and shortened for reasons of clarity.


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