Allianz in Egypt and UNICEF support Youth workshops

  • Sobhy: We have been running the “Meshwary” program in cooperation with UNICEF since 2008, training more than 400,000 young people in 15 provinces of the Nile Delta and southern Egypt.
  • Hegazy: At Allianz, we are proud of our support for the program, helping 142,000 young people in 2022, with the intention of continuing to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development
  • Hopkins: We are proud of our partnership with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and appreciate Allianz’s contributions to supporting and enhancing the skills of young people in Egypt.

Cairo: Allianz Egypt organized a series of workshops within the framework of the “Meshwary” program, carried out in cooperation by the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) . The workshops were facilitated by representatives of (MoYS) .

By contributing to the workshops, Allianz adds more value to its effective role in social development, contributing to youth empowerment and skills development. The workshops aim to strengthen the business and entrepreneurial skills of the participants.

A total of 100 children and young people attended the Allianz-supported workshops in Egypt, where they interacted with each other and presented their personal experiences and how they benefited from the program. They further expressed their gratitude to those responsible for “Meshwary”.

“The Ministry of Youth and Sports has been collaborating with UNICEF in carrying out the ‘Meshwary’ program since 2008, successfully training more than 400,000 young men and women from 15 provinces in southern Egypt and the Delta”, said HE the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Achraf Sobhy.

“The program involves the training of young people and young people – including people with disabilities – on life and work skills as well as the provision of career counseling in provincial youth centers with the aim of achieving development and to sustainable community integration”, added the Minister.

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According to Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, “The ministry greatly appreciates the cooperation with UNICEF and Allianz in Egypt, as one of the major insurance companies in the country, to ensure increased support for integrated social protection programs in Egypt. . He added that the collaboration also aims to empower young Egyptians, support entrepreneurship and help young people identify career options that match their abilities.

Sobhy confirmed the continuous efforts of the state to support young people and qualify them in all fields, stressing that all the tools have been made available to the participants to achieve sustainable development in line with Egypt’s vision for 2030. regarding youth education, entrepreneurship and employment.

In this regard, Ayman Hegazy, Chairman and CEO of Allianz Egypt, expressed his pride in the company’s support for the “Meshwary” program which aims to empower young people in a practical way as “the best investment for the future, socially and economically”. .”

“Throughout the program, we got to know several young people who inspired us with the stage of development they were at after going through several phases of the program, which made us proud to support this program and eager to continue to working on supporting participants who reached 142,000 in 2022,” Hegazy said.

“At the beginning of 2022, we renewed our partnership with UNICEF for another three years by being the first private sector company to support the United Nations global initiative in Egypt “Shabab Balad”, Hegazy added, confirming that “ Shabab Balad” is a multilateral platform aimed at uniting efforts and direct investments to benefit young people in Egypt and move them from learning to earning and making a positive impact on society.

Hegazy further pointed out that Allianz’s strategy in Egypt is based on supporting youth and innovation for development, saying, “At Allianz Egypt, we care about our societal role as the one of the leading insurance companies in the world and in Egypt. We believe that today’s youth and tomorrow’s children are the future. This is why we intend to continue contributing to the achievement of sustainable development and community integration in accordance with the efforts and vision of the State in this regard.

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UNICEF Representative in Egypt, Jeremy Hopkins, hailed Egypt’s 2030 vision, especially regarding youth education, entrepreneurship and employment.

“Meshwary” is a key program of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and an excellent example of long-term partnership between UNICEF and the ministry. This is a pioneering program created in 2008 to build the potential of young people supported by public and private actors,” explained Hopkins.

“I would like to take this opportunity and thank Allianz for the contribution and support the company has offered for the skills development of young people in Egypt,” he added.

One of Meshwary’s beneficiaries is 18-year-old Estabraq Edris, who believes the program has changed his life dramatically: “I went from being an introverted character to a totally different personality who enjoys interacting with others, able to identify my ambitions and aspirations. a new personality can set goals and devise a concrete plan to turn them into reality. said Edris.

Another beneficiary, Ahmed Hani, Ambassador of the Meshwary program in Giza, said: “The Meshwary program has had a significant impact on me, and I have achieved one of my goals which is to convey creative messages to children. , which encourages them to think outside the box, make wise decisions, be influential and have a positive role in life. They can also benefit in their lives from the life skills workshops offered through the Meshwary program; in addition to fulfilling their dreams as I have succeeded in fulfilling mine.

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It should be noted that the company Allianz renewed at the beginning of the year the partnership agreement with UNICEF, by which Allianz will contribute over the next three years to support the “Meshwary” program as well as the mechanisms ensuring social protection of the most deprived children. Allianz’s partnership with UNICEF dates back to 2019 through the “I Deserve a Chance: I Will Learn” initiative which aimed to support every child’s right to learn. The initiative was followed by the initiative “Our children – Our project” which aimed to integrate the most vulnerable families and facilitate their access to basic services of life.


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