Aerospace major Boeing to move 150 finance and IT jobs to India; increases hiring in engineering, manufacturing


Aerospace giant Boeing moves 150 finance and IT jobs to India; increases the setting in mechanical engineering, in manufacturing

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New Delhi: In a move that would bring joy to people looking for jobs in the aerospace industry the largest aerospace company in the world Boeing will relocate about 150 IT and finance jobs from its home country of the United States to India. However, this is not to be confused with layoffs and has 10,000 jobs this year.

The change also gains momentum as Indian airlines such as Tata Group-owned Air India recently announced they will lease 30 Boeing and Airbus aircraft and expand their fleets by more than 25 percent. Newest airline Akasa Air will continue to introduce about 2 B737 MAX each month and B787 Dreamliner deliveries have resumed.

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“…our finance team is planning a reduced headcount as it simplifies processes, improves efficiency and shares selected work with an external partner. We expect fewer than 150 finance cuts at our US operations this year and will assess the future impact as the process continues in the coming years,” a Boeing spokesman told TOI.

At the same time, due to increasing market demand, Boeing has significantly increased the number of employees in engineering and manufacturing. We ensure stability in production and invest in engineering and innovation. Overall, we’ve added about 10,000 employees to the Boeing workforce this year, the spokesman added.

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The company has simplified its corporate structure in recent years to reduce complexity and focus more resources on engineering, manufacturing and product development. Several corporate functions at Boeing, including IT and finance, have made changes to streamline their operations, resulting in reduced headcount in some corporate functions.

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Meanwhile, Boeing’s India operations include field offices in Delhi (its headquarters here), Mumbai, Hindon and a growing Boeing India engineering and technology center in Bengaluru and Chennai. In India, the aerospace group has over 4,000 direct employees, with 1,000 new jobs added in the last year.

Another 7,000 people work in dedicated positions in the supply chain at its Indian suppliers in manufacturing, engineering and IT. Boeing said India will see the highest growth in air traffic in the next two decades.

Salil Gupte, President of Boeing India, recently said that air traffic in India will increase by almost seven percent annually until 2040. This puts India ahead of Southeast Asia (5.5 percent), China and Africa (5.4 percent each) and Latin America (4.8 percent).

Boeing is very optimistic about the country’s potential.

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