A Swedish Entrepreneur Once Donated $1.2 Million Just to Meet MrBeast

MrBeast is one of the most followed content creators in the world today. He entertains people by posting bizarre challenges and expensive stunts on his YouTube channel. As of now, he serves over 104 million fans who love his content and look up to him as an idol. The YouTuber has always put a lot of effort into creating content and made himself an inspiration for every aspiring YouTuber.


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Aside from his stunning YouTube career, MrBeast is also a versatile man. He shares a keen interest in helping the community as he wants to make the world a better place. So the YouTuber started a dedicated philanthropy channel, filming all the precious moments and giving back to the community.

In 2021, MrBeast launched two of his biggest philanthropy projects ever. First he pledged to plant 20 million trees as part of his #teamtrees project and later he announced he would remove 30 million pounds of garbage from the sea as part of #teamseas.

For both projects, MrBeast published appeals for donations as he wanted the entire community to contribute to his success. During this time, Great.com CEO Erik Bergman took the opportunity to donate a huge amount to #teamseas.

The popular entrepreneur is giving away a huge sum to support MrBeast and his team for #teamseas

For those not in the know, Great.com is an online casino service that donates all of its winnings to charity. Swedish entrepreneur Erik Bergman started with the idea of ​​making the world a better place.

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In 2021, the CEO found MrBeast’s project on the internet and immediately wanted to donate to it. He proposed a $1.2 million deal with a request to spend time with Jimmy and his crew. While his early tenures were limited to helping the good cause, Erik also paid attention to his business.

And he knew full well that he had to pay a high price to make it successful. By 2021, MrBeast had earned enough respect in the industry to put him on the famous celebrity list.


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To finalize a deal, Erik posted a tweet on his account, tagged the duo and awaited confirmation. It was only a matter of minutes before he got his approval as the news spread like wildfire. Interestingly, MrBeast and Mark also mentioned it on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Later that chairman flew to North Carolina to meet with the team and had a great time working with them. Although he gave a very good example to every entrepreneur that he had to learn to seize the opportunity, even though it seemed impossible.


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