8 of the Best Comic Books for Toddlers

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I first realized my toddler was interested in comics when he picked up a magazine that was on one of our end tables and told me he was reading a comic book. The magazine was actually a real estate magazine that his grandpa sends out, so I told him it was a grandpa comic and we giggled about it. While I found that moment of pretend play with my son endearing, it also planted a seed in me to look for toddler comics for him.

My little guy is a fan of all things superhero related, so I started my quest for toddler comics with some basic superhero readers. However, superhero children’s books with too many villain images were starting to feel a little too scary for my 3-year-old. I wanted to find the perfect balance of an introductory comic book for toddlers without the supervillain overload.

I work in a library and my library team came to my rescue with a lot of great suggestions for toddler comics. When I started reading these books, I found just the right comic niche for my little one. Some of the toddler comics my son enjoys the most include mild superhero adventures, cute animals, and heaps of silliness. They have low stakes and focus on friendship issues. Below are a few of the ones my son loved and a few more.

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What are your favorite toddler comics?

8 of the best comics for toddlers

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea by Ben Clanton book cover

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Seas by Ben Clanton

After reading this adorable graphic novel by Ben Clanton with my son, my little guy said, “That was a fun book.” Coming from a 3 year old, it gave me lots of warm fuzzies. Narwhal is sweet and outgoing, while Jelly is a little more practical with a pinch of crabiness. Both are looking for a boyfriend and together they make the perfect couple.

Mimi and the Cutie Disaster: A Graphix Chapter Book Cover

Mimi and the Cutie Disaster: A Book of Graphix Chapters by Shauna J. Grant

Written by Shauna J. Grant, this heartfelt story is another wonderful introduction to graphic novels for little ones. Mimi loves going on adventures with her magical toy dog ​​who is a very loyal friend. When people start treating Mimi for who she is to sweet, she will prove that there is so much more to her than meets the eye!

Chi's Sweet Adventures Volume One book cover

Chi’s Sweet Adventures Volume 1 by Kanata Konami, adapted by Kinoko Natsume

This manga by Kanata Konami, adapted by Kinoko Natsume, stars an adorable cat named Chi and will bring smiles to you and your toddler as you read it. It has also been adapted into an anime that you can watch on Amazon Prime (Chi’s sweet adventures). This feel-good cat story is worth reading!

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Be a star, Wonder Woman!  book cover

Be a star, Wonder Woman! by Michael Dahl, illustrated by Omar Lozano

Written by Michael Dahl and illustrated by Omar Lozano, this superhero book is the perfect layer for superhero adventures for toddlers. A little girl is inspired by Wonder Woman to conquer a school day. Although it may seem like a traditional picture book, the story features comic panels starring Wonder Woman on every page. After reading this, check out the rest of Dahl’s Superhero Bedtime Series. My little guy especially loves the bedtime for Batman. Each book also includes a fun and handy routine checklist at the end of each story.

Buzz Boy and Fly Guy book cover

Buzz Boy and Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

Tedd Arnold’s Fly Guy series is great fun for toddlers and always gets my little one a few laughs. This special Fly Guy story features a comic adventure in which Buzz decides to write a comic book featuring himself and his best friend Fly as two superheroes. The story also includes some pirate shenanigans and a dragon which are always a plus.

Ponyo Volume One book cover

Ponyo Volume 1 by Hayao Miyazaki

I’ve been a Miyazaki fan for as long as I can remember, and I think so Ponyo is a perfect introduction to the world of Studio Ghibli for the little ones. This charming variant with two preschoolers as the main characters The little mermaid delights my son and I every time we see it. We also love to dance to the end credits song. Young Ponyo fans are sure to enjoy this manga adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki’s classic film.

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Planetary-YUM book cover

Planetary YUM by Drew Brockington

This cute and silly graphic novel is written by Drew Brockington, the author of the CatStronauts series. While catstronauts Although the books appeal more to middle-class readers, this series focuses on the CatStronauts as kittens, making it a great starting point for younger readers. This story follows Papa Cat and the Waffles and Pancakes siblings on a trip to the Science Museum.

Pete the Cat: Making New Friends book cover

Pete the Cat: Making New Friends by Kimberly Dean and James Dean

The Harper Kids I can read comics! series is another great approach to comics for toddlers. My son loves Pete the Cat so we enjoyed seeing Pete’s adventures as a comic. The premise of this story is touching and relatable as Secret Agent Meow helps Squirrel make new friends.

I hope these books make the little ones in your life giggle as much as my toddler did! For more comic inspiration, check out these comics, manga, and graphic novels for kids. Happy reading, comic fans!

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