7 Ways New Parents Can Use Their Online Calendar Postpartum

Congratulations – you just had a baby! Welcome to the New Parents Club. You’re probably already buzzing with excitement about all of your baby’s “firsts.” No doubt you are looking forward to the first rollover, the first steps and the first words.

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But at the same time you are exhausted. Your baby is eating like clockwork every few hours. You may not have a sleep schedule yet. Then there’s the accidental crying. It all adds up to very little rest for you and your partner.

This can all feel like a lot now. But no worry. You can get a new version of your old life back with a little work. It just takes a little effort — and planning. Remembering things when you’re tired can be difficult. This is where an online in your calendar can be extremely useful.

Read on to see how a calendar you carry in your pocket can help you restore order to your world.

1. Dress for the day

Whether you have a newborn or a 3 month old, it can be difficult to get everyone ready for the day. After a long night rocking a restless little one, you might prefer to stay in your pajamas. Some days you can, but most days you still have to get up and leave. If you prefer to maximize every moment of leisurely time, your online calendar can keep you on schedule.

Find out exactly how much time it takes you to get ready in the morning. Now add time to get your baby dressed. Then add a little more – you never know when a diaper will pop or spit up unexpectedly. Once you figure out how much time you need, set the daily calendar reminder. You will be sure to move in time so as not to feel nervous.

2. Being on time for appointments

Do you remember the sleep deprivation mentioned earlier? It will inevitably make you forget more than a handful of things. This effect lasts as long as you are sleep deprived. That means setting frequent reminders on your calendar and phone to make sure you don’t let anything fall through the cracks.

Pediatrician appointments are crucial during your baby’s first year of life. If you miss an appointment, it can be difficult to reschedule. So put all the dates and times in your online calendar. Set notifications for the night before and the morning of the visit. This way you know how well your baby is growing and make sure he gets all his vaccinations on time.

You will likely need reminders for yourself as well. It could be your own doctor’s appointments, lunch with a friend, or a meeting with your older child’s teacher. Whatever it is, you don’t want to miss it. Use your online calendar to plan all your activities – and don’t forget those reminder notifications!

3. Create signals for workouts

When it comes to new parenthood, exercise and a healthy weight are important for everyone. You already grab meals when you can. When you add the lack of sleep and low energy, it’s easy to gain a few pounds. But you want to keep up with your baby bundle once it’s mobile, right?

It can be difficult to find the time to exercise when you’d probably rather be napping. However, do your best to succeed. Your online calendar is a helpful tool for this. Go ahead and block some workout time on your calendar and set it to repeat daily.

Maybe it’s a morning stroll while pushing the stroller or watching an aerobics video. You can even find floor exercises that can get your little one involved. The trick is to choose something to hold on to and dedicate that window of time.

Whether you are a housewife, a mother on parental leave after childbirth or adoption, or a father with a newborn – a fixed training program not only keeps you fit. Sticking to a daily exercise schedule is key to good mental health, so don’t forget this important aspect of living and caring for your new little one.

4. Self Care

When you’re new to parenting, it can feel overwhelming juggling everything you need to do with and for your baby. There’s so much more to think about now. Check the pool water temperature. Grab the diaper bag before you go. Make sure the car seat is tight and secure.

Don’t worry if you feel exhausted – it’s normal! It also means you have to find time for some self-care. After a few weeks, your baby will get used to a sleep schedule. It’s tempting to spend all of their snooze time doing the same thing. Instead, use your online calendar to encourage you to do something for yourself.

You don’t have to be the same every day. Set aside time for meditation or yoga two days a week in your living room. Set a reminder for a relaxing aromatherapy bath another day. Whatever you do, jot down a few details on your calendar so you have concrete plans for your daily self-indulgence.

5. Getting ready for bed

At the end of a long day of play and discovery, your baby will be tired. However, they don’t always do a good job of letting you know they’re fully booked. If you’re in the middle of a snickering game of This Little Piggy, you might forget it too. To prevent your baby from becoming overly tired (and moody!), set a calendar reminder to start the nightly routine.

After a while, the evening calendar notification will even help your baby understand that bedtime is coming. If possible, use the melody of their favorite song as a clue. That way, you start the bed-bath-story routine at the same time every night. Before you know it, your child will be nodding off at the end of their favorite bedtime book.

6. Maintain your own routine

Your baby isn’t the only one who benefits from a nightly routine. Yours might look a little different. If your munchkin is dozing in the crib, don’t just flop onto the couch. Take some time to focus on small things around the house.

Use your online calendar alarm as a garbage night alarm. So you never miss a curbside pickup. Is the 15thth of the coming month? Create a reminder to pay the bills. Then, yes, set an alarm to tell you to go to bed. It’s far too easy to get sucked into a TV show and delay sleep. Don’t do it – remember, you need as many zzz as you can get!

7. Jot down these baby milestones

As you use your online calendar to keep track of bath times and stories, keep that in mind Record all these “firsts”. previously mentioned. Don’t rely on your tired brain to timestamp everything. If you want more than a fleeting reminder of those shaky first steps, put it on the calendar.

Logging the first giggle or crawl on the calendar can provide another benefit. Signing up will make it easier for you to capture visual memory. Also, one day your child will ask when they first said “Mom” or used a spoon. That’s years from now. Let the online calendar record these details. Then all you need is a quick search to get your brain going.

Being a new parent can be an incredibly exciting, fun, and entertaining time. It is also filled with significant fatigue and memory loss. But don’t stress about it. This is a short period of life that will pass faster than you think.

Still, you may need help to keep track of your appointments and remember the important things. Or maybe you just need a gentle reminder of a few daily tasks. Whatever it is, your online calendar can give you the nudge you need to stay organized.

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