7 Powerful Business Applications You Probably Never Heard Of…But You Should!

Most software companies do not have the budgets of Microsoft and Google to spread awareness about their products and this is a big challenge for them. It also presents a missed opportunity for businesses that could take advantage of these applications if only they knew about them.

So allow me to help. These are seven software applications and platforms that can work alongside — or in place of — your customer relationship management system and I bet you’ve never heard of them. I have no affiliation with these organizations other than my clients who benefit from their products. But I intend to recommend them.

For workflow automation, consider Process Street. Starting at $100 per month for a team, the application provides an easy way to create workflows for any process within a company and then ensure it is automated with reminders and alerts, along with progress tracking and metrics. Ho. It integrates with over 3,000 applications and uses “low code/no code” tools to enable anyone with little technical experience to develop solutions tailored to an organization’s needs.

For a great cloud-based database, try Airtable. The application — which starts at $10 per seat per month — is like a spreadsheet on uber-steroids. You can create unlimited tables first and then fetch data from multiple sources, build custom interfaces and combine your data with automation to speed up your processes. You can also use it as a stand-alone CRM by taking advantage of one of the many pre-built templates provided by the company. I have many clients who love this platform because it is very easy to setup and flexible to customize.

To move large amounts of data from multiple data sources to your preferred destination (a CRM system or another database) consider Fivetran. This powerful database tool can pull, load, and replicate data from over 200 cloud applications. It is an advanced tool that can also provide marketing and customer analytics and is popular with both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure developers.

There are many good cloud-based communication platforms, but both small and medium-sized businesses struggling with spam calls will be very interested in Cloudly. It is a communication platform that provides Voice over IP (VoIP) phone services combined with AI to block spam calls. It has excellent business texting, “carrier-grade” VoIP connectivity, and even digital faxing (and yes, some industries like health care still do this) features. Pricing starts at $25 per month for two users.

Running a Nonprofit? Then you can consider Bloomerang as your primary CRM. Starting at $99 per month for 1,000 contacts, this cloud-based platform features online giving and payment processing, as well as the ability to build a comprehensive donor database for marketing and integrations that many other nonprofits and for-profits can be integrated with. Forum.

Managing credit risk is important, especially when you’re running a business in a slow economy. Using Nuvo can help reduce this risk before an order is placed with your seller – and a commission is denied. Nuvo provides a one-stop-shop for credit applications. During your sales process a prospect fills out a form designed by you and – using its internal workflow – Nuvo will perform due diligence. And your company saves time and money by avoiding all the printing scanning, emailing, faxing (did I mention some companies still do this?) and uploading. It features an easy capturing system for key business information, resale certificates, business references, bank details, e-signatures and personal guarantees. The service leverages data from over 10,000 financial institutions to report on any potential credit issues ranging from overdraft history, legal red flags and available lines of credit. Pricing is custom.

One last little app that I have to include here is CountingThings. It’s not exactly a CRM thing, but it’s great. Why? With your mobile device you can take a photo or video of your inventory (bars, tubes, logs, wood, seeds, plugs… of different sizes) and the app will quickly count them for you. It doesn’t get it right all the time, but the company promises that the application gets better and better with the templates it uses and the support it has available. And once you get it down to a certain level of accuracy the app can save significant time in the counting process so that your inventory is accurate and your sales people know what they have in stock. You can buy a monthly or 24-hour license.

Am I right? Have you ever heard of these apps? I bet you haven’t. Are they helpful? I’m sure they are. And hopefully you can use some of these techniques to increase your company’s productivity…and profitability this year.


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