6 Fresh New Fall Romance Books To Fall Into A New Season

Featuring new voices, lively sequels to great bestsellers, and love stories you won’t forget.

Reading romance novels can soothe the soul. These modern day tales of women finding love and discovering their own power span everything from fake dating celebrities to random (sexy) roommates to a magical bond between a witch and a merman.

The cover of Elena Armas' romance novel The American Roommate Experiment

Rosie Graham, a secret romance novelist battling writer’s block, accidentally shares an apartment with her best friend’s sexy Spanish cousin, Lucas Martȉn. He charmingly offers to take her on a number of dates to spark her creativity (wink wink), but sparks romance instead. We first met Rosie in Armas’ best-selling debut, the spanish love illusion, and its expected HEA returns. (Out now)

The cover of Sarah Echavarre Smith's romance novel The Boy With the Bookstore

Joelle Prima is open about the renovations her long-distance crush, bookstore owner Max Boyston, has planned for the building they work in. When her Filipino bakery shares space with his shop during construction, grumpy Max is more of a nightmare than a dream. But as they get closer, Joelle realizes that she may have found her happy ending after all. (Out now)

The cover of Andrea J. Stein's Typecast romance novel

typecast by Andrea J Stein

Preschool teacher Callie Dressler is happy enough in her hometown, even if living at her childhood home — and sharing it with her Type A sister and family for an extended visit — wasn’t exactly in her plans. When her ex-boyfriend’s exciting new movie is based on their decades-old breakup, Callie must come to terms with how her past will shape her future. (Out now)

Lillie Vale's decoy girlfriend

What would you do if you had a celebrity look-alike? Author Freya Mal finds out when she finds herself in a fake relationship with hottie actor Taft Bamber — all because she looks just like his PR-manufactured girlfriend, it girl Mandi Roy. A rom-com with real laughs and big hearts, Freya and Taft’s fake dating leads (of course!) to love. (Out now)

The cover of Do You Take This Man by Denise Williams

Career-focused divorce attorney RJ goes viral when she ends up orchestrating a couple’s impromptu wedding in the park, leading her to work with the annoyingly handsome wedding planner, Lear. Neither of them wants to open up to the other, but all of those loving marriages might rub off on this spicy romance that attracts opposites. (Out now)

The cover of Celestine Martin's Witchful Thinking

Welcome to Freya Cove, NJ, where witch and high school librarian Lucy Caraway is stuck. An alcohol-soaked wishing spell gets her saying yes to new things — including chatting with her longtime crush, merman Alex Dwyer, who’s back in town after a decade. Will Lucy find her true calling and true love? A charming paranormal small town with low stakes and strong family ties. (Sept. 27)

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