4 best paying jobs and the degrees you need for them

It pays to start thinking early on about how you can land the best-paying jobs. Focusing your college education on this goal is a smart idea in many ways.

As a matter of fact, studies show that setting goals is one of the best ways to succeed in any given task. For example, people who write down their goals are 20% more successful at achieving those goals than those who don’t. Clarity of purpose – the direct act of knowing exactly what you want to achieve and when – proves to be a similar motivating factor in the workplace and, to some extent, for college students.

Setting specific goals can therefore do wonders when it comes to achieving them. For some students, these could be more personal: for example, fulfilling a dream that has lasted for years or getting involved in a good cause. However, others may be more motivated by the promise of a well-paying job, which may be just as important to them.

If you think this sounds like you, try to align your decisions and actions – and indeed your studies – with getting the best paying jobs in the world.

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Here are the highest paid jobs acc Indeed.comand the qualifications you need for this:

Cardiologists have one of the most important jobs in the world – and are well paid for it. Source: Thomas Samson/AFP

The 4 highest paying jobs and the skills you need to get them


Cardiologists have one of the most important jobs in the world. They are responsible for examining and treating heart conditions and abnormalities such as chest pain, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and more.

However, becoming a cardiologist takes a lot of work. Prepare yourself mentally for this years of study. This includes four years of medical studies, three more years of general internal medicine as an assistant doctor and then three more specialist training courses.

Learning doesn’t end with your degree, however – you spend the rest of your time learning on the job to keep up with the latest advances in medicine and how it impacts the way you treat your patients.

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Cardiologists typically earn around $351,827 per year.


An anesthetist is a doctor who specializes in development Anesthesia plans and how to administer them to their patients. This is an important task to ensure patient safety prior to surgery, especially to minimize the pain and strain they would otherwise experience. Such plans come from general anesthesia, sedation or regional anesthesia.

Like cardiologists, anesthesiologists spend many years studying medicine before they can practice. This includes the standard four-year medical school, a one-year internship, and a three-year residency. Some even pursue a scholarship that takes a few more years of education to complete.

Anesthesiologists earn around $326,296 per year on average.

Orthodontists are among the highest paying jobs in the world. Source: Atta Kenare/AFP


Orthodontists and dentists work in the same field with a slight difference. Essentially, a dentist helps clean and align your teeth. a specialist orthodontist Diagnosis, prevention and treatment of misaligned teeth and jaws. This includes current conditions as well as identifying problems that may develop in the future.

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To qualify as an orthodontist, you must attend dental school and orthodontic school. You will then need to spend two to three years in a residency program as most schools do not have the capacity to offer the full level of instruction you need. Once this is complete, you can become board certified.

Orthodontists make an average of around $264,850 per year.


A psychiatrist is a doctor trained in mental health. This includes treating patients with more serious disorders – such as hallucinations, substance abuse, hearing voices or suicidal thoughts – as well as other, possibly more common, phenomena such as depression or anxiety.

Becoming a psychiatrist takes time years of dedicated study. They must complete a medical degree, which usually takes about four years. You will then complete another four-year apprenticeship as part of your residency program, after which you can earn board certification. Other licenses may be required for you to practice, so be sure to check beforehand.

Psychiatrists earn an average of $224,577 per year.