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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Added the Transportation Management System Market – Global Forecast to 2027 report ResearchAndMarkets.com Offer.

The publisher forecasts that the global transportation management systems market will grow from $11.7 billion in 2022 to $28.0 billion in 2027 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.1%.

Emerging technologies are digitizing the entire end-to-end transportation process for the transportation industry, while reducing the costs of a number of business processes is expected to drive the TMS market forward.

Modern businesses are largely dependent on technology, with large corporations having their own IT department for managing and maintaining business processes, while most start-ups and SMBs do not have a proper IT department system. The reason for this is that managing and maintaining an IT department creates additional costs.

Therefore, most SMEs and startups adopt the cloud-based transportation management system, where they can get the benefits of an IT department through a cloud management system without having to hire additional staff at additional cost. This makes it easier for internal employees to concentrate on day-to-day business.

The storage flexibility of the cloud-based transportation management system offers scalability, which is very important for SMEs and will help them with unpredictable growth in the first year of business operations.

The cloud-based transport management system offers cost savings and an attractive pay-as-you-go model, e.g. B. Real-time payment via the cloud, while buying products that allow SMEs to establish themselves as efficient and competitive players among other companies.

SMBs can also use the cloud-based transportation management system to drive corporate strategies that increase sales and profits. Hence, the cloud transportation management system market is estimated to grow during the forecast period, and there are tremendous opportunities for cloud transportation management system providers due to the high adoption rate by SMEs.

The consulting segment with the highest market share during the forecast period

In the Transportation Management Systems market by services, the Consulting segment is expected to occupy the largest market size. Consulting services offer a cost-effective way to ensure employee performance at the highest level in-house.

Also, it is important for end users as certain companies do not have the expertise to understand the complexities involved in configuring TMS. The need to meet specific business process requirements as best as possible will drive the segment.

The SME segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period

In the Transportation Management Systems market by organization size, the SME segment is expected to register the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

Adoption of advanced technologies such as cloud computing, big data tools, data-driven demand forecasting and analysis would help SMEs to grow in the TMS market. The segment would also be driven by the need for SMBs to expand their businesses while increasing productivity and achieving higher ROI.

The cloud segment with the highest market share during the forecast period

In the Transportation Management Systems market by deployment mode, the cloud segment is expected to occupy the largest market size. Cloud-based solutions and applications are used by various organizations around the world. The need for easy deployment, scalability, improved collaboration and cost efficiency would boost the cloud segment.

North America is projected to have the largest market share during the forecast period

It is estimated that North America will dominate the transportation management systems market and will register the largest market share during the forecast period. The region was divided into the USA and Canada.

The transportation sector in North America is making great efforts to increase resource efficiency using advanced technologies. The region has seen the earliest adoption of cloud computing and mobile technologies, which has clearly responded to the adoption of TMS solutions and services. The presence of major TMS providers in the region would also drive market growth.

competitive landscape

The report covers the competitive landscape and profile of major players namely Oracle, SAP, Manhattan Associates, CH Robinson, Mercurygate International, Blueyonder, E2Open, Transplace, Alpega TMS, Trimble, Descartes, Worldwide Express, Infor Inc., Wisetech Global, Generix -Group.

Premium Insights

  • Increasing demand for transportation management systems to handle high demand from e-commerce

  • The retail segment and the US will account for large shares of the North American market in 2022

  • Roadways segment and China will account for large shares of the Asia-Pacific market in 2022

case study analysis

  • Case Study 1: Implementing the Manhattan TMS solution to achieve efficiencies

  • Case Study 2: Celestica implements Mercurygate’s TMS solution to reduce global transportation costs

  • Case Study 3: Brown Trucking selected Trimble’s Truckmate TMS to obtain vital data to run their business

  • Case Study 4: Avery Dennison chose Transspace Tms to save costs and simplify customs regulations in the US and Mexico

  • Case Study 5: Crowley relies on 3Gtms to manage the Defense Department’s contract without missing a deadline or requirement

market dynamics


  • Cloud-based SaaS solutions to drive the market

  • Mergers & Acquisitions of Top-Tier Tms Product Players with Startup Solutions

  • Strengthening of bilateral trade relations between different countries and growth of world trade

  • Technological advances in the transport and logistics industry

  • Exponential growth in the e-commerce industry

  • Need to replace and update the existing conventional transport management systems


  • Growing concerns about data security

  • inaccuracies in data sets


  • Further development of 5G to transform the transport management system

  • Autonomous and connected vehicles to transform the transport and logistics industry

  • Increasing acceptance of cloud-based technology and Industry 4.0


  • Slow adoption of TMS solution due to high capital investment

  • Lack of awareness of the benefits of TMS among end users

COVID-19 Market Outlook for Transportation Management Systems Market

  • drivers and opportunities

  • limitations and challenges

  • Cumulative Growth Analysis

technology analysis

  • Big data and analytics

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Blockchain

  • internet of things

  • 5G

regulatory landscape

  • International Standardization Organization

  • Iso/IEC Jtc 1

  • ISO/IEC 27001

  • ISO/IEC 19770

  • Iso/IEC Jtc 1/Swg 5

  • Iso/IEC Jtc 1/Sc 31

  • Iso/IEC Jtc 1/Sc 27

  • Iso/IEC JTC 1/WG 7 sensor

  • General Data Protection Regulation

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (Fmcsa)

  • Federal Road Administration (Fhwa)

  • Maritime Administration (Marad)

  • Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)

  • Federal Railway Administration (Fra)

  • Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • Zen/Iso

  • Cen/Cenelec

  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute

  • Itu-T

company profiles

main actors

  • oracle


  • Manhattan Associates

  • CHRobinson

  • E2Open

  • Trimble

  • Wisetech Global

  • Descartes

  • Mercurygate International

  • blue over there

  • Translate

  • Alpega Group

  • Worldwide express

  • info

  • Generix group


  • 3Gtms

  • ship well

  • 3T Logistics & Technology Group

  • Ratelinx

  • otms

  • switch

  • Bluerock logistics

  • Elemika

  • Tesisquare

  • dds logistics

  • supply pile

  • Vtradex

  • Shiptify

  • Globaltrance

  • Inmotion Global

  • MP objects

  • logistic

  • A network company

  • Envase Technologies

  • intellitrans

  • Allotrac

  • Revenova

  • Princeton TMX

  • Ctsi Global

  • Ultraship Tms

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