$25.6 million in new federal home energy investments for four Alberta communities



Canadians in Alberta and beyond are upgrading their homes to be more energy efficient. Energy efficiency fights climate change, creates good jobs and helps families save on their monthly bills. The Canadian government is working with municipalities in Alberta and across Canada to facilitate retrofits to enable sustainable jobs and climate action.

The Honorable Secretary of Natural Resources Jonathan Wilkinson and Taneen Rudyk, President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), announced today in Calgary a $25.6 million investment in four Alberta communities, as part of the Community Efficiency Financing (CEF) initiative. This investment will help these communities implement new energy retrofit financing programs in their communities across Alberta.

The City of Calgary, City of St. Albert, City of Lethbridge and City of Canmore will receive $15,000,000, $5,017,400, $3,814,300 and $1,622,960, respectively, to conduct residential energy retrofit financing programs.

The grants and loans from the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) will allow any municipality to set up a program and start lending to homeowners. The Clean Energy Improvement Programs (CEIP) will utilize the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) funding mechanism. Homeowners can recoup the cost of their home energy projects over time through a CEIP fee added to their property tax bill. The CEIPs are administered by Alberta Municipalities, the association representing urban communities in Alberta.

The Alberta Ecotrust Foundation, a Low Carbon Cities Canada partner for both the City of Calgary and the City of Edmonton, will receive $140,700 through CEF to study the feasibility of complementary funding models to CEIP, such as , and will be used by qualified contractors which encourages and supports homeowners who are already planning renovation or modernization work to incorporate energy retrofits into their plans.

The Government of Canada is pleased to provide financial support to the FCM Green Municipal Fund, which offers the Community Efficiency Financing initiative. CEF helps communities of all sizes implement innovative local financing programs such as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), on-bill utility financing and third-party loan partnerships.

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By leveraging these existing models, CEF helps communities by providing homeowners with capital to make their homes more energy efficient, while creating local jobs and keeping the economy thriving. Since CEF’s launch in 2020, GMF has also invested in clean energy improvement programs in the cities of Edmonton and Leduc, and the cities of Devon and Rocky Mountain House.

CEF is one of the ways GMF continues to build on its 20-year track record of supporting transformative environmental initiatives at the community level. The Canadian government has invested $1.65 billion in GMF since its inception to enable communities to support projects like this one that use local resources to drive innovative solutions.


“We work with communities across Alberta to deliver greener buildings and support sustainable economic growth. Today’s announcement with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities will help our partners in Calgary, St. Albert, Lethbridge and Canmore create more efficient, comfortable homes that lower bills for Canadian families, take action on climate change and create good jobs for workers will. The Government of Canada is pleased to support these initiatives.”

The Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson, Secretary of State for Natural Resources

“Our liberal federal government is investing $15 million in the city of Calgary because we believe in a more energy efficient and sustainable future for all Canadians. This includes taking action to combat climate change, create good jobs and ensure a prosperous zero-zero future for our children.”

George Chahal, Assemblyman for Calgary Skyview

“Today’s investments represent a step toward more efficient homes in cities and communities across Alberta. By delivering efficiency at home, our government is helping Albertans take climate action, create sustainable jobs and drive innovation in our building sector .”

The Honorable Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Tourism, Deputy Minister of Finance

“Our government is supporting innovation in Alberta that will create more jobs and help our province lead in renewable energy growth. Today’s announcement will build more efficient and affordable homes for families in Alberta. Together we will fight climate change and build an economy that works for everyone.”

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The Honorable Steven Guilbeault, Secretary of State for Environment and Climate Change

“Communities are experiencing the drastic impacts of climate change and are on the front lines, and communities of all sizes are showing leadership at a time when we need it most. The Green Municipal Fund empowers local governments to achieve results with our federal partners – helping municipalities across Alberta build greener, more sustainable communities, create jobs, and help Canadians make their homes more comfortable and affordable. Together we are on the way to net zero.”

Taneen Rudyk, FCM President

“Climate change is having a serious impact on our city, now and in the future. Calgary City Council is committed to taking action on key climate initiatives, but we must work together as a city to make real progress. This fund will open the door for Calgarians to make their homes more energy efficient, reduce their carbon footprint and save money.”

Mayor Jyoti Gondek, City of Calgary

“Investing from the Green Municipal Fund ensures we can help our city’s residents make real, tangible energy efficiency and sustainability improvements to their homes. It also means job creation in our community, and with 20 percent of that funding going towards supporting affordable housing providers with their properties, we will see improved facilities for some of the most vulnerable in our community. With $3.8 million in grant and loan funding, we will see a reduction in our overall carbon footprint and this supports our focus on environmental stewardship as a city council.”

Mayor Blaine Hyggen, City of Lethbridge

“We are excited to launch the Clean Energy Improvement Program this fall thanks to $5 million in grant and loan funding from the Green Municipal Fund. The City of St. Albert is committed to taking action on climate change, and this funding will not only help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our community, but also improve the energy efficiency, comfort and affordability of existing homes and local economic opportunities create.”

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Mayor Cathy Heron, City of St. Albert

“Thanks to $1.5 million in grant and loan funding from the Green Municipal Fund, we are pleased to launch the Clean Energy Improvement Program in the city of Canmore. Addressing the human impact on our environment is a top priority for the Council and this program represents another opportunity for the community to work together to reduce our contribution to climate change.”

Mayor Sean Krausert, City of Canmore

“We are excited to be part of the Low Carbon Cities Canada Network and appreciate the investment in our Climate Innovation Fund by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Cities of Calgary and Edmonton to develop a program that provides an additional funding and retrofit option for homeowners offers both cities. We are confident that these types of programs can complement clean energy improvement programs and be adapted to other communities through our extensive network of partners and collaborators.”

Pat Letizia, President and CEO, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

“As the trusted service provider to over 275 communities, we are proud that Alberta’s communities are the designated stewards of the Clean Energy Improvement Program. For nearly two years, we’ve supported these communities every step of the way and can’t wait to see the impact these programs will have on Albertans — opportunities for local contractors, affordable financing for homeowners, and more resilient communities across the province.”

Dan Rude, Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Municipalities

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