Teenage Drivers In New York: How To Handle Auto Insurance Costs – A 15-year-old girl has reportedly been charged with the deaths of three other teenagers in a tragic accident in New York City. Nine teenagers and an 18-month-old baby were in the vehicle, according to newspaper articles. The articles state that the vehicle was reported stolen, but the owner is the parent of one of the teenagers. According to reports, the teenagers killed were not wearing seat belts.

This accident shows what kind of tragedy can happen when young, inexperienced drivers are behind the wheel. According to the CDC, the risk of car accidents is higher among drivers aged 16 to 19 than among drivers in any other age group, and the risk of fatal accidents is almost three times higher than among older drivers. Younger drivers are more at risk, with drivers aged 16-17 having a fatal accident rate per mile driven almost twice that of drivers aged 18-19. In addition, teens riding in a car with other teens are at an increased risk of being involved in an accident, which increases with the number of teenage passengers.

Teenage Drivers In New York: How To Handle Auto Insurance Costs

Teenage Drivers In New York: How To Handle Auto Insurance Costs

Parents should talk to their children about driver safety before they are ready to start driving. Children should understand that driving is a huge responsibility before they even get behind the wheel. Ensuring young drivers understand the risk factors and the importance of safety can prevent tragedies.

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When tragedy strikes, victims can incur significant medical costs, layoffs and other losses. Since teenagers usually don’t have a lot of wealth, victims injured by a teenage driver’s negligence may be concerned about how they can recover compensation for their injuries. Potential sources of recovery depend on the circumstances. If your teen has a license and is driving an appropriately insured vehicle with the owner’s permission, insurance cover should be available. However, in some circumstances there may be exclusions from coverage, such as a parent failing to cover a teenager on an insurance policy.

A parent can be held responsible for negligently entrusting a “dangerous tool” to a teenager if, for example, they allow an unlicensed and inexperienced teenager to drive. A non-parent owner can also be held responsible for allowing a teen to drive. Generally, in New York City, a vehicle owner can be held liable for death or injury resulting from negligent use of the vehicle. However, this owner liability only applies if the driver has permission, express or implied, to drive the vehicle.

Even if the owner does not agree, he may be liable for injuries resulting from an accident with a stolen vehicle if the keys were left unlocked inside the vehicle while it was parked on a public road or open to traffic. public traffic.

Other recovery sources may also be available. For example, if a teenager has been drinking, the person or company supplying the alcohol may be liable.

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If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident caused by a teenage driver, an experienced New York auto accident attorney can help you identify possible sources of recovery. Call the Marc S. Albert Law Firm at 1.855.252.3788 to discuss your case. My 16-year-old grandson, who lives in the suburbs of Los Angeles, is on the verge of getting his driver’s license and, frankly, I’m terrified. Driving in Los Angeles is scary even for very experienced adult drivers. Does a 16-year-old boy, whose navigation skills are limited to the Internet, have the ability to judge situations, focus attention and the ability to simultaneously process several different inputs necessary to avoid an accident?

Keep in mind learning to drive wasn’t my grandson’s idea, but his parents are tired of carrying kids everywhere and being able to walk, bike or use public transportation, which suited my 18 year old grandchildren very much in New York, is lacking where they live.

If I could set the rules, no one under the age of 20 would be driving a motor vehicle unless there was an experienced adult with a license in the passenger seat. Even compared to 18-year-olds, a 20-year-old’s brain is more mature and less risk-prone. Accident studies have shown that “the cause of accidents among teenagers is not their ability to drive, but their ability to judge driving situations,” reads an editorial in the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Teenage Drivers In New York: How To Handle Auto Insurance Costs

Although the number of teenagers killed in car crashes has fallen by nearly 50 percent over the past decade, accidents remain the leading cause of death and injury among teens in the United States. According to a new statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, since 2014, along with the use of electronic devices, the number of road deaths among teenagers has increased.

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A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health found that new teenage drivers were eight times more likely to be involved in an accident or collision in the first three months after getting their license and driving independently than in the last three months behind the wheel. study permit. A study led by Bruce G. Simons-Morton of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development found that new teenage drivers were four times more likely to engage in risky behaviors such as hard acceleration, sudden braking and sharp turns.

While driver education helps students pass their driving test, there is little evidence that it produces safer drivers. As noted in the pediatric statement, “Studies consistently show no safety impact of traditional driver education.”

A phased licensing policy currently in place across the country for new drivers under 18 can help reduce accidents by requiring a certain number of hours of adult-supervised driving, restrictions on driving at night and with peers in a car, and gradual exposure to more demanding driving conditions.

“These laws may reduce the number of fatalities among 16- and 17-year-old drivers, but they are not well enforced, with rates rising as children turn 18,” said Dr. Brian D. Johnston, co-author with Dr. Elizabeth M. Alderman of new political statement.

Helping Teenagers To Be Safer Drivers

However, Dr. Simons-Morton’s research has shown that even when phased licensing policies are enforced, “in the first few months of self-driving, the number of accidents is dramatically high.” As he and his co-authors noted, “For most novices, it can take just a few hours behind the wheel to develop reasonable driving skills, but judging safe driving, as with all complex activities, requires only experience.”

That’s Catch-22: new drivers are more likely to get into trouble because of inexperience, but the best way to reduce your risk of an accident is to become an experienced driver. Dr. Alderman, a specialist in pediatric medicine at Montefiore Medical Center, suggested in an interview that even when a teen is allowed to drive independently, wise parents can minimize the risk by continuing to supervise driving in various locations until teen drivers become more experienced.

In fact, the role of parents in raising safe drivers begins long before children can look over the wheel. “Parents need to be role models,” said Dr. Alderman. “Always wear a seatbelt, never text while driving, never drink alcohol or smoke weed and then get behind the wheel.” I will add that parents should form the habits of safe driving, not exceeding the speed limit, not eating behind the back or blocking and blocking traffic.

Teenage Drivers In New York: How To Handle Auto Insurance Costs

Currently, the most common risk young drivers face is distraction devices. Just four seconds of not looking at the road significantly increases the risk of an accident. The Teen Safe Driver Program found that three-quarters of moderate to severe rear-end crashes among teenage drivers were caused by distracting behavior, most commonly cell phone use. In half of the cases in which the driver used the phone, the teenage driver did not react to the impending accident.

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“Of all other age groups, teenage drivers have the highest rate of distraction fatalities,” says Dr. Simons-Morton. The temptations continue to grow, and in-vehicle information and entertainment technology and portable electronic devices tend to be the first users of teenagers.

“There are three types of distractions: visual, cognitive, and manual,” said Dr. Johnston. “Electronic technology includes all three, and the risk of an accident increases significantly.”

Although teenage driving fatalities have declined in recent decades, “alcohol consumption by juvenile drivers remains a major risk factor for motor vehicle accidents and fatalities,” the pediatric report states. In 2015, 16 percent of teenage drivers involved in fatal crashes had a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher, and 64 percent of those killed in alcohol-related crashes were not wearing a seatbelt.

All states now have a “zero tolerance” law that states that a blood alcohol level of 0.02 percent or higher for young drivers constitutes drunk driving and may result in automatic suspension or loss of license.

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Lack of sleep is becoming an increasingly common risk factor for accidents involving teenage drivers. Insufficient sleep not only increases the risk of falling asleep behind the wheel, but also impairs concentration and judgment. Schools and parents can do more to ensure teens get enough sleep.

Parents should also think twice about cars

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