Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage In New York Auto Insurance – Do you need a car for a month or more? If you usually decline the insurance offered at the rental car counter, it’s important to know how long your car insurance or credit card will cover collision insurance on a long-term rental car.

Auto insurance companies and credit card companies impose limits, but the details vary. To play it safe, always check with your supplier for reservations lasting longer than two weeks.

Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage In New York Auto Insurance

Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage In New York Auto Insurance

Not sure if your car insurance will keep you covered for a long trip? It is best to call the insurance company directly. Alternatively, you can look up your insurance online if you rely on your car insurance to cover a long-term rental car.

Does My Car Insurance Cover A Rental If My Car Is Out Of Service?

Most major car insurance companies cover rental cars for up to 30 days. The time frame can vary, and guidelines are not always simple. For example, Geico generally covers private passenger cars rented for 30 days or less. Meanwhile, the Allstate auto policy covers two-week rental cars, and long-term rentals are assessed on a claim-by-claim basis.

Do you need a long-term rental car because your personal vehicle was in an accident? The rental car cost may be covered if you chose to purchase rental insurance. Insurance companies usually offer this to cover expenses while policyholders shop for a new car or wait for repairs. This rental reimbursement coverage provides a limit per day for a specified time period, such as $30 per day for 30 days. Bonus: if the insurance company pays for the rental, they’ll probably cover it, no matter how long you’ve had the car. (But, as always, check with your insurance company.)

PROTIP: Do you want to be sure that your personal car insurance covers your entire long-term rental car? Split your rental into two consecutive transactions of less than 30 days each. For example, if you need a car for 45 days, make two separate rental car orders. The first rental would take you through the first 30 days and the second would cover the last 15 days. Should you be involved in an accident with one of the rental cars, your personal car insurance will remain valid as each rental period will be less than 30 days.

But what if you don’t own a car? Your credit card probably covers rental cars, but terms vary from card to card, so it’s always best to check your own card’s policies before ordering.

Who Pays For A Rental Car After An Accident?

A WalletHub study found that about 38 percent of credit cards cover domestic rentals for 15 days and international rentals for 31 days. Just over half of the credit cards (52.3 per cent) cover both domestic and international car hire for at least 30 days, while around nine per cent cover hire for just 15 days.

Some Visa cards, but not all, offer cover for damage, vandalism and theft of the rental car for up to 15 days. International rentals (with the exception of Jamaica, Israel and Ireland) are often covered for up to 31 days. Some premium cards, such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve, cover car rentals for up to 31 days.

MasterCard policies vary, but most card issuers cover rental cars for up to 31 days. For example, the HSBC Premier World Mastercard provides coverage for that time period.

Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage In New York Auto Insurance

American Express establishes a general 30-day coverage period for rental cars across its cards. However, cardholders can extend this period to 42 days if they pay for Premium Car Rental Protection, which is a flat $24.95 per rental, not per day, making it considerably cheaper than what you’d pay for over-the-counter insurance at a car rental company. Often after an accident, your car has to go to the shop for repairs. Since most people have to go on with their daily lives and get to work or even just run errands, they need transportation. In this case, a rental becomes necessary. Rental insurance only costs a few dollars a month and is well worth it when you need a car. But how long will insurance pay for a rental car? This is a common question asked by insured motorists.

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According to GEICO, car insurance companies usually have time limits on how long they will cover rental cars. The specifics depend on the company and the policy. Always check with the insurance company when making a reservation.

Most major insurance companies will cover a rental for up to 30 days, but this varies by company.

According to Policy Genius, there are a couple of different ways you can go about getting paid for a rental car.

Is it better to file a rental car claim with the negligent driver’s insurance company or your own?

How To Choose Roadside Assistance And Rental Coverages

Before filing a claim, consider the pros and cons of filing with your own insurance company, as opposed to the other insured’s company.

When you have submitted a claim for an accident and there is a need for a rental, the insurance company will contact the car rental company. The rental company will then contact you about what you need and when you need it. Depending on the service, the rental company will either deliver it to you or you can make an appointment to go to the office to pick it up.

The type and size of car you get depends on which insurance company covers the costs. If and when the other driver is determined to be at fault in the accident, your insurance company should provide you with a comparable vehicle to the one involved in the accident.

Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage In New York Auto Insurance

If your own insurance company pays for the rental, they will reimburse you for the daily amount stated in your policy. For example, many policies will reimburse you $30 per day for a rental. With most rental companies, this will cover the costs of a small economy car. If you want a high-end vehicle that costs more than this, you’ll have to pay the difference.

Some Rental Car Drivers Surprised By Fee They’ve Never Heard Of

In most cases, you can keep the rental while your car is in the shop for repairs or until you replace it, but the insurance company that pays for the rental will only do so for a reasonable amount of time. At the time of the claim, the adjuster will specify a number of days that they will cover based on necessary repairs.

If it takes longer, you will need to contact them for approval to extend the rental period. The company will usually contact the workshop to confirm that the repair will take longer. When you’re ready, you can return the rental and arrange to pick up your own vehicle.

If your vehicle is totaled and the other driver is at fault, your insurance company will likely not authorize a rental car until a few days after they make a reasonable offer to settle your claim. According to, each company can decide what they consider a reasonable amount of time for a rental, and it differs depending on which company you work with. It could be three days or five days, but you’ll probably only have a few days to find a new car.

When you rent a vehicle, even if the insurance company pays for it, you will probably need to provide a credit card to the rental company so they have it on file. According to Enterprise, a small deposit is required in some cases. The deposit is lower than the standard amount and can be used on any remaining balance after the insurance pays. If it is not necessary, it will be refunded when the car is returned.

Should You Add Rental Car Reimbursement To Your Auto Policy?

Car rental companies offer additional insurance that covers the car in the event of an accident. If you already have collision insurance on your policy, it will cover the rental, so the additional insurance is not necessary.

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Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage In New York Auto Insurance

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