Behind The Numbers: How New York Auto Insurance Premiums Are Calculated – Choosing your feng shui car license plate is an important feng shui decision. You have many great choices of lucky feng shui numbers for your car license plate and a number you want to avoid using.

You can choose from numbers 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 to create the best feng shui car license plate for good luck. Number 4 should be avoided.

Behind The Numbers: How New York Auto Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

Behind The Numbers: How New York Auto Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

Feng Shui numbers are based on the Lo Shu (square grid) which has only 9 squares on the grid. These numbers 1-9 are the ones you should carefully examine before selecting the feng shui numbers for your car license plate.

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In feng shui, the number 1 is considered a number of future good luck. It represents money, success and wealth. The number 1 is often associated with new beginnings and offers a positive outlook for the future. When the number 1 is used as a car registration number, it can symbolize that you are moving towards a future full of success and wealth.

The number two is considered a lucky number in feng shui. It is the common number used to represent the good fortune of couples. In feng shui, the combination of objects and elements is considered very auspicious. This is primarily a cultural tradition that recognizes the personal power of two people who unite forces greater than one. You can double the luck of any lucky feng shui number when you repeat it twice. Never repeat a number only four times, as the number four is very unlucky!

The number 3 sounds like the Cantonese word for birth. The meaning of number 3 is also associated with growth and renewal. This makes the number 3 a powerful number for personal growth and, of course, success! If you are in the process of birthing, renewing, or growing your wealth, career, marriage, or other area of ​​your life, adding the number 3 to your car’s license plate numbers will strengthen your ambition and purpose.

In feng shui, the number 4 is considered the number of death. This is because in Cantonese, the number 4 sounds like the word for death. This number is avoided like the plague. If you ever want to insult someone, just give them four gifts or anything that has four components. No one familiar with feng shui or practicing feng shui will use the number 4 on a feng shui car license plate.

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The number 5 is a number used to represent transformations. For example, a popular feng shui cure is a metal, 5 hollow wind chime used to transform negative chi energy or change the direction of energy, such as suspending the wind chime over a toilet to suppress negative chi. The number 5 is also a good luck number associated with health. You can use the number 5 in your birth certificate to bring good luck to your health, usher in the changes you are making in your life, and transform any negative energy that comes your way.

If you want a smooth ride, put a number 6 on your license plate. Number 6 removes the possible obstacles that stand in your way to achieve what you set as a goal. As one of your car registration numbers, 6 will ensure that you don’t encounter any of the negative things that can happen while driving a vehicle. From flat tires to accidents, lucky number 6 serves as a shield and protector.

The feng shui number 7 brings the energies of harmony and balance to you. It allows you to give yourself a rhythm to indulge in self-reflection and explore your inner world to know yourself.

Behind The Numbers: How New York Auto Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

The number 8 sounds like the Cantonese word prosper. Number 8 also means to prosper or grow. The number 8 is associated with riches. The number 8 is considered the number of wealth. You can’t find a more auspicious number to add to your license plate than the number 8.

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The meaning of number 9 is one of long life and eternity. In Cantonese, the number 9 sounds like the word enough. In feng shui, the number 9 is synonymous with the abundance needed to make a long pleasant and happy life. Number 9 is believed to always grant you enough money, food, health, love, success and all the other things that make life worth living.

When number 9 is used with number 8, you are assured of great wealth that has no end and the abundance needed to enjoy it. You may want to include the number 6 in a series of numbers to avoid obstacles. You may decide to use 6, 8, and 9 for a series of numbers in your car’s license plate numbers such as 689, 698, 896, 869, 986, or 968.

You can double the good luck of the numbers you select by repeating the same number series or choosing a different order in the number series. If you want to add other numbers to a series, try the numbers 16, 18, or 19. These three number combinations are often used when playing number games, such as a lottery.

The number 0 does not exist in feng shui. It is considered exactly zero and means nothing. You can certainly use it on your feng shui car license plate. However, be aware that it will take up valuable space that could be filled with an auspicious number.

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There are two other ways to decide on your feng shui car plate numbers. One is to use your kua number, and another is to use the current feng shui period number or the one that will come after.

There is nothing more powerful than your personal kua number. You can easily calculate your kua number to use to feng shui your car license plate numbers. You can use this repetitively or in combination with other lucky numbers to create an auspicious car number plate.

A feng shui period lasts 20 years. The current period is 8 and will last until 2024, when it will change to number 9. The period number is always the most powerful feng shui number, good or bad. It is second only to your kua number. In the case of period number 8 and period number 9, both periods are very auspicious, so you can use both numbers for incredible good luck.

Behind The Numbers: How New York Auto Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

Not all states allow you to personalize your car’s license plate. You should check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) registration agency about your state’s law. Even when custom license plates are allowed, there are restrictions on what you can customize, so you want to make sure you understand these regulations to ensure you get the license plate you want.

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If your state doesn’t allow license plate customization, there’s always the face plate on your car. The options for a faceplate are limitless, unless your state has a specific law that prohibits faceplates. There are many websites that specialize in these types of license plate designs, such as BuildASign.

You have eight numbers to choose from with various meanings for your feng shui car license plate. You can use these numbers in various combinations to create the most auspicious car number plate. The Transportation Authority has released the latest data on congestion in San Francisco. As San Francisco’s congestion management agency, we monitor traffic congestion on San Francisco’s streets and issue a report on the latest data every two years.

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Behind The Numbers: How New York Auto Insurance Premiums Are Calculated

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