Auto Insurance For International Students In New York: Navigating Coverage – Auto insurance premiums rose about 15 percent in March from a year earlier, significantly higher than the recently announced 5 percent inflation rate. The average annual salary is $2,000, according to the personal finance website Bankrate.

And car insurance premiums are expected to continue to rise. This week, the CEO of Progressive Insurance said in a shareholder letter that the company intends to “continue to raise rates for the remainder of the year.” Allstate said it plans to pursue additional increases in 2023 “to improve auto insurance profitability.”

Auto Insurance For International Students In New York: Navigating Coverage

Auto Insurance For International Students In New York: Navigating Coverage

Higher costs for repairs, including auto parts and labor, and higher costs for vehicle rentals due to worker’s illness can lead to longer repair times, all of which lead to higher claims and higher costs, industry analysts say. “Everything about restructuring is going up,” said Stephen Crewdson, senior director of insurance industry knowledge at consumer research firm J.D. Power.

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As the pandemic subsides, many drivers have returned to the roads, whether for work or recreational trips, increasing the risk of accidents, said Robert Passmore, the vice president of personal lines agency and the American Property Casualty Insurance Association, an industry group. Bad habits that emerged during the pandemic, such as speeding, have persisted, he added.

Doug Heller, director of the Insurance and Consumer Federation of America, said that many good drivers are hit with rates based on the reasons that they are not doing enough to drive. In most states, you may pay more if you have poor credit, even if you have a good driving record. Appraisers use a variation of consumer credit scores — similar to what lenders use to determine a borrower’s risk of default — as one of several factors to assess. at the risk of the driver filing an insurance claim.

A report by the Consumer Federation of America on insurance costs in New York found that drivers with excellent driving records and good credit pay an average of $730 a year for basic insurance, while drivers with the same driving record but a low credit score of about $2,100. money and people living in small areas. (Three states — California, Hawaii and Massachusetts — prohibit the use of credit checks to make these payments, and others restrict their use.)

Insurers defend offering better rates to drivers with good credit, saying it’s justified because those customers make fewer insurance claims. “Most customers get a better rate because we use credit scores,” said Mr. Passmore said.

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It is difficult to avoid auto insurance because basic coverage is mandatory in most states. So what can you do to lower your bill? Chuck Bell, director of advocacy programs at Consumer Reports, recommends getting three or four quotes from different insurance companies to see if they can offer you a lower rate. Many consumers stay with the same insurance for decades, he said, but it’s smart to check prices regularly. “We think you should buy it every year,” he said.

While many people “like to get a root cause,” he said, it’s not difficult to get insurance coverage. He recommends calling insurers on the phone, but you can also get direct quotes on insurance websites. (The sites that aggregate information can give you a general idea, he said. But for specific information, it’s better to deal directly with insurers or private sellers who represent multiple of carriers.

Higher prices, of course, encourage drivers to shop around for lower rates, according to recent findings from J.D. Power. “They are trying to find a better job,” said Mr. Crewdson said.

Auto Insurance For International Students In New York: Navigating Coverage

The share of households buying auto insurance last month was 13 percent in March, the highest since mid-2021, according to JD Power. , based on its findings based on daily online surveys of up to 1,000 consumers. The average transition rate — households that changed insurance in the previous month — topped 4 percent in March, compared to an average of 3.6 percent for all of 2022 and 3.4 percent for 2021.

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If you are looking to buy a car, you can help keep insurance costs down from the start when buying cars, by focusing on models that are cheaper to insure , said Mr. Bell. Instead of a large pickup truck, S.U.V. Or, consider convertibles, he said, which are cheaper to insure.

If your car is an older model with less value, you can cut your premium by reducing collision coverage, which pays to repair or replace your car when it breaks down. collision with another car, something like a fence, and comprehensive coverage, which covers theft of your vehicle and damage from things like branches falling on it.

Insurers also offer usage-based insurance, which requires installing a device in your car that monitors your mileage and driving habits. The insurance will include the data in your money. If you are a safe driver and willing to share data with your insurer, or if you drive less, you may benefit. “It’s a way to save money, for some people,” said Mr. Bell said.

Increasing your credit score will help lower your income. Paying your bills on time and avoiding maxing out your credit cards — keeping what credit bureaus call “utilization” low — can boost your score. Limit the number of new credit card accounts you open and the amount you withdraw. You can check your credit report for free by visiting

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Some insurers don’t use credit scores to set premiums — CURE Auto Insurance, for example, says they don’t — so it’s a good idea to ask when you’re shopping for coverage.

Yes. Choosing a higher deductible — the portion of the bill for a claim you’re responsible for, before the insurance policy pays — can lower your premium. Taking from $500 to $1,000 can save an average of about 10 percent on your money, Mr. Bell. If you can, leave savings on your income to help pay the deductible, if you have to file a claim.

State insurance agencies have information to help you compare rates and service levels at different insurance companies. Texas, for example, has a detailed tool for getting quotes, and Massachusetts offers a spreadsheet to help with comparisons. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners provides a map of state insurance agencies, and maintains a complaint index that consumers can use to see if their insurance company is above or below.

Auto Insurance For International Students In New York: Navigating Coverage

A version of this article appears in the article on  , Section B, Page 4 of the New York edition with the headline: How to Save Money on Auto Insurance When Rates Go Up. Set Up Doubles | Today’s Paper | The subscription is home to approximately 6,000+ international students in F and J immigration status representing more than 100 countries. which values ​​student diversity and is committed to helping international students adjust to new cultural and academic practices in a supportive environment. We pave the way for talented international students and future global leaders.

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The Office of International Student and Professional Services leads the university community in providing services and programs that facilitate the transfer, recruitment, and retention of international students and professionals. . We work with campus administrators and faculty to ensure that the University complies with state laws and; to provide essential support services. Our desire is to ensure that we have international citizens who are fully equipped and ready to work wherever they want to live.

All colleges have designated contact persons for international students and specialist services. Below is a list and contact information for each college.

Nearly one in three students enrolled at New York University () was born outside the U.S. As an example, there are many things you need to know about going to college, getting and maintaining your immigration status, finding a job in the U.S., and living in New York City.

The International Student Guide contains important information to help you transition internationally as a student. If you have any further questions, please call or visit the student office of your international college.

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This section provides an overview of , including the programs, departments, and student support services found at each college.

(City University of New York) includes 24 different colleges throughout the city. This section discusses degree programs, education policy, and issues of academic integrity.

Each college has its own policies, procedures, and academic programs. A wide variety of masters – more than 1, 750 subjects – in classes taught by world-class instructors. Bachelor’s, master’s and master’s degrees can be earned in a wide range of disciplines, including business, computer science, engineering, liberal arts, arts, and health professions. Legal, bio-medical,

Auto Insurance For International Students In New York: Navigating Coverage

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