New York’s Auto Insurance Verification Program: Compliance And Consequences – We are proud to announce the launch of our NEW flagship course, NSC New York Online Defensive Driving 10th Edition. New York Online Defensive Driving 10

Edition is a complete rewrite with all new content, videos and exercises. The course offers state-of-the-art animations, has an adaptive curriculum and provides the most engaging, interactive experience.

New York’s Auto Insurance Verification Program: Compliance And Consequences

New York's Auto Insurance Verification Program: Compliance And Consequences

Completing the New York DMV-approved Point and Insurance Reduction Program (known as PIRP and IPIRP, the online course) provides a 10% reduction, for 3 years, of the motorist’s liability, fault and collision insurance premiums.

How Often You Should Shop For Car Insurance

Take the Defensive Driving Course-NY online defensive driving course or in the classroom and save on your insurance costs. Don’t wait until your premium expires. Take the Defensive Driving Course-NEW online defensive driving course now – and earn your insurance and points deduction. You get up to 10% off your car collision and liability insurance premium every year for three years. The reduction applies to the base price of your car and motorcycle insurance premiums, provided you are listed as the main operator. Check with your insurance company for specific information about your total savings.

Defensive Driving Course- NEW Online Defensive Driving Course can also allow you to have up to four points reduced on your driving record. The course can be read once every 18 months for points deduction.

All online defensive driving courses approved by the New York DMV must be a minimum of 6 hours. This online defensive driving course meets that requirement. Our online defensive driving course is fully narrated, providing a simpler user experience than other courses that require reading content or charge an additional fee for narration. You can take the online defensive driving course in stages at your leisure, with a convenient built-in bookmark feature that lets you pick up where you left off. Please note that the course must be completed within 30 days.

Our online defensive driving course for New York’s Point & Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP and IPIRP) is designed and written with the help of a select group of dedicated road safety educators and specialists.

Everything You Need To Know About Certificates Of Insurance

Find a New York training center near you to complete a New York Point & Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP and IPIRP)! Hurricane Hilary threatens the West Coast as things heat up in the Atlantic. Register for our free webinar and learn what it takes to become an adjuster before the next storm hits.

The New York Series 17-70 Independent General Adjusters License has earned a reputation, and rightly so, as one of the most difficult licenses to obtain. The test is a bear. There are additional steps and a few hoops to jump through compared to most states. But as we explained in our 2015 Golden Ticket article, it’s worth it.

Yes, it is difficult. But if you’ll allow me to quote the great Jimmy Dugan from A League of Their Own: “It should be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would be doing it. The hard … is what makes it good.”

New York's Auto Insurance Verification Program: Compliance And Consequences

Ok, so that might be a little dramatic. Getting your New York license may not be on par with going to the World Series, but trust us. Being an adjuster always needed by Independent Adjusting Firms can make you feel like a superstar. Too few candidates are willing to take on the New York challenge, but for those who do? These adjusters are almost always in demand.

Got An Unexpected Check In The Mail? It May Be Fake

Remember: The Empire State does not offer reciprocity to out-of-state adjusters. So there’s only one way to work on claims in New York: pass the state’s insurance adjuster exam and apply for your license. But that’s where things get a little trickier than most other states.

So let’s break down, step by step, what you need to do to get a 17-70 General Independent Adjuster License in New York.

If you meet these requirements, it’s time to strategize how to pass the tough New York Adjuster exam.

We know that New York insurance adjusters are stupid. So, even if a pre-licensing course is not required by the state like it is in Texas or Florida, we strongly recommend that you take an exam preparation course.

Defensive Driving Course Ny Online

The New York Adjuster Exam Prep Course is one of the best in the industry and we sincerely hope you choose us to help you prepare. To be honest, this is not a test that most people can pass by looking up the outlines and researching topics on their own via Wikipedia or Google.

The course has been carefully prepared and is regularly updated. In our online classroom, you can print reference materials, take practice tests, and even create your own quizzes to help you with topics you struggle with. When you consistently earn 90% on your practice tests and pass all quizzes with flying colors…it’s time to graduate!

As of March 2019, PSI Exams Online became the test provider for New York. You have to create an account on their website and pay the $33 fee.

New York's Auto Insurance Verification Program: Compliance And Consequences

After registration, schedule a time, date, and location to take the exam in person at a PSI test center. If you need to cancel or reschedule your exam, you must do so at least 2 days in advance or lose your exam fee.

Car Insurance Claim Process

The exam consists of 100 questions and you must score at least 70% to pass. Candidates who score below 70% will have to retake the exam and pay the fees again. You will have 2 hours to take the exam.

After you pass the test, you must submit your actual adjustment license application. To do so, follow the filing requirements of the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) for Independent Adjuster (IA) applicants. There’s a lot to unpack here so let’s take a closer look at the rules…

Once these steps are completed, you can check the status of your license on the NYDFS License Search page. In our experience, applications typically take 3 to 4 weeks to process. For a complete list of application details, visit the NYDFS website.

Once you have your license, you must formally renew it to keep it active. New York does not require insurance adjusters to complete continuing education (CE) hours.

Insurance Verification Software

The licenses are valid for two years and expire on December 31 of each even-numbered year. Renew your license through NYDFS login.

Now that you know how to become an adjuster, let’s take a detailed look at the fees and costs involved in obtaining and maintaining your license.

Reciprocity means that an adjuster who holds a home state license can apply for an adjuster license in another state without having to take that state’s exam. To learn more about reciprocity and why it’s important to your success, visit our blog article for Reciprocity: The Truth About Adjuster Licensing Agreements Between States.

New York's Auto Insurance Verification Program: Compliance And Consequences

Fees for reciprocal licenses vary by state, but on average you can expect to pay between $40 and $60 per application, although some states charge up to $120. To see which states will offer reciprocal licensing rights to New York adjusters, visit our New York Adjuster Reciprocity Map. At the bottom of the page, we also offer a downloadable guide to help you prioritize which reciprocal licenses you should acquire first.

Best Car Insurance Companies Of August 2023

New York does not offer reciprocal licenses to out-of-state adjusters who are licensed in their home state. If you want to adjust claims in New York, you must complete the NY licensing process.

Getting your home state license is the first step to a career as an insurance adjuster. Successful adjusters know that you need additional state licenses to get noticed and get hired. While New York is one of the toughest nuts to crack, it consistently seems to offer excellent value for money.

Learn what you need to know about getting licensed and going to work in our free webinar or call our career consultants at (214)329-9030.iCoreVerify completes insurance verifications for every patient on the weekly schedule faster than you just read this sentence.

Stop relying on manual processes, spending time on the phone and verifying patients one at a time. iCoreVerify is your one stop solution to:

What To Do With Old New York License Plates

Unlike traditional insurance verification methods, iCoreVerify speeds up the verification process by returning benefit checks for every patient on your schedule, freeing up to 30 hours of time for your staff to focus on patient care and other critical office tasks. With connections to over 2,100 insurance providers, iCoreVerify ensures that you have the most up-to-date benefit information from each carrier and that your patients get the care they need and the coverage they deserve.

Your staff only follows up with payers when absolutely necessary – for example, when errors are identified on a patient’s account by our software.

If a patient’s record contains an error that prevents proper verification, iCoreVerify identifies and notes the necessary correction. Error-free claims submissions often mean higher case acceptance rates and much less time adjusting and/or chasing down payments.

New York's Auto Insurance Verification Program: Compliance And Consequences

Many patients miss out on opportunities to receive the care and treatment covered by their insurers. With the insurance verification solution, you have access to remaining insurance amounts along with unplanned treatments.

How To Find Out If Someone Has Auto Insurance Coverage

Not only does this allow you to provide exceptional patient care, but it helps ensure a stable income stream

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