Demystifying Auto Car Insurance: A Guide For New York Residents – Not to mention first-time car buyers, even avid drivers don’t realize the importance of a good auto insurance policy or top-ups until it’s too late.

Most view auto insurance as just another “add-on” to the RC book that, if updated, can at most keep the cops at bay and avoid fines. Fake!

Demystifying Auto Car Insurance: A Guide For New York Residents

Demystifying Auto Car Insurance: A Guide For New York Residents

The annual premium you pay is a meager sum compared to the benefits it can offer you in the event, God forbid, of an accident.

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1) Comprehensive car insurance: If your first car is a “sparkling new car”, it comes with this “premium insurance” by default, valid for up to one year from the date of purchase. And as its name suggests, it is the “full package” which covers any damage caused to the vehicle, its occupants and the “third party”, in the event of an accident.

The only downside to comprehensive insurance is the premium you have to pay each time you renew your insurance. Nevertheless, the premium you pay is worth it.

2) Third party: Unlike comprehensive insurance, third party insurance does not cover you, your car or yourself. As its name suggests, it covers “third party” insurance only in the event of an accident.

The only advantage of third-party insurance is that renewal costs 1/4 of the price of all-risk insurance. Otherwise, it’s complete all the way!

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It is always a good idea to take out all-risk car insurance when you first buy it, because your new car needs comprehensive protection. To better understand, here is a comparison!

As the name “add-ons” suggests, most, if not all, car insurance companies offer you a set of “additional benefits” that can be added to your insurance policy.

You have the freedom to choose from them according to your needs. Or should we say, just say, pick the one that suits your taste!

Demystifying Auto Car Insurance: A Guide For New York Residents

Advice on supplements: These advantages are valid “ONLY” for comprehensive insurance! And, not to mention, comes at an additional cost. But believe us, it’s worth it if you choose the right ones.

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Zero amortization: Age has its drawbacks. The same applies to your car. The older it gets, the more the value of your car drops, that is to say “depreciates”. But, don’t worry, this addition ensures that the value of your car will remain as valuable as the day you bought it. After all, the insurer won’t consider amortization in the final settlement!

Tip: This add-on is beneficial for those who decide to keep their car for a long time.

Roadside Assistance: How do you imagine your car breaking down on a lonely dacoit-infested road at the stroke of midnight? Don’t worry, roadside assistance is here to help. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll come out and fix your car. If that’s not possible, we’ll tow it to the nearest gas station. At least you will be without dacoit 😊

Tip: This add-on makes a lot of sense if you often take long trips – More likely to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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Back to the bill: It’s probably a driver’s worst nightmare – when your car is destroyed beyond repair! In other words, totaled into an unimaginable accident. Fortunately, there is some reconciliation in these extreme cases. Insurance companies will reimburse the full value/amount mentioned on the invoice. That said, “DRIVE SAFE”.

Consumables Coverage: These days, insurance companies even cover the cost of maintaining your vehicle, from the new engine oil put in your vehicle to the missing nut on the engine cover.

Tire Protection Coverage: Most people think tire damage is covered in a standard flat rate insurance policy, but unfortunately that’s not the case unless it happens at the same time as a accident. So to cover common scenarios where accidental damage only happens to your tire and not the car, you need this addon. It covers damage such as tire blowouts, bulges or cuts, which render the tire unfit for use.

Demystifying Auto Car Insurance: A Guide For New York Residents

Passenger Cover: We hope that never happens, but if anything happens to the driver owner of the car, in an unforeseen incident, this cover provides a fallback. So not only is your car fully protected, but also everyone traveling with you!

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Well, you may still be wondering how to select the right insurance company for yourself, because for next year, they are the ones who will help you protect it.

Here are some of the things you should be looking at while making this big decision.

· Claims Speed ​​— An insurance company’s claims speed determines how quickly it would settle a claim. it directly reflects a company’s processes and efficiency. 90.4% of auto claims settled at Digit are settled within 30 days.

· Premium and Deductibles – Offers and discounts can be compared with different insurance companies to get the best deal. Also, you must pay a small amount at the time of claim, called the mandatory deductible. Some companies also allow you to opt for a voluntary deductible at the time of claims, where you pay part of the claim. This reduces your monthly premium.

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· Benefits and add-ons- check for the right benefits and add-ons offered by the insurance company. We offer home pickup, repair and drop-off with a 6 month warranty, 24/7 customer service, cashless repairs at over 1,000 garages and cash advance for repairs too !

Smooth Claims Process – Claims are the moment of truth. And in times of distress, you want your insurer to make it easier and faster for you. At Digit, we offer self-inspection and audio claims, as well as completely paperless claims to make the whole process as easy as possible!

· IDV- IDV is the market value of your car and the value you get in case your car meets with an accident. It is therefore very important to choose the right IDV. Some insurance companies offer a lower premium than the price of a lower IDV. At Digit, we provide a customizable IDV to meet your personal needs, so when you need your insurance, it actually helps.

Demystifying Auto Car Insurance: A Guide For New York Residents

And that’s not all, we took it a step further and conducted a survey of insurance experts and all unanimously voted “Benefits & Add-ons” to be the number one choice out of the above, followed by closely by a “Seamless Complaints Process”.

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Demystifying Auto Car Insurance: A Guide For New York Residents

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Greta Goosen, Customer Experience Manager at MiWay Insurance, offers her advice on this. She encourages new car owners buying their own vehicle to think about how their decision could potentially affect their future insurance premiums.

Typically, most motorists consider car insurance to be a secondary consideration that should be addressed after purchasing a vehicle. But factoring insurance into your decision beforehand could save you money in the long run. You can do this by contacting an insurer and asking for quotes on the different makes and models you are considering.

Factors such as the age of the car (if purchased as a used vehicle) can affect the cost of the insurance premium. Also, a crucial factor to consider is the cost of maintaining or replacing vehicle parts as well as the cost of maintaining your car.

You should also be aware that young, inexperienced drivers usually pay higher premiums due to a lack

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