Auto Insurance For Electric Cars In New York: What You Need To Know – Maybe it’s the satisfaction of not having to go to the gas pump, less routine maintenance, or less carbon footprint. Regardless of what gets you excited about electric vehicles (EV), it’s important to understand what owning the vehicle means for your insurance costs.

With interest and demand for electric vehicles on the rise, look at insurance rates — along with their motor insurance, if applicable — to find out how much electric drivers are paying for insurance. car. Of the electric vehicles used in his research, annual insurance premiums ranged from a little over $1,300 to more than $3,500.

Auto Insurance For Electric Cars In New York: What You Need To Know

Auto Insurance For Electric Cars In New York: What You Need To Know

Topping the list of the most expensive electric car to insure is the 2021 Porsche Taycan at $3,567. That’s 1.5 times more than the $1,424 average annual cost of car insurance. The next three highest priced electric car insurance are the 2021 Tesla models: the Tesla Model Y for $1,901, the Tesla Model X for $2,885 and the Tesla Model S for $3,022.

Does It Cost More For Electric Car Insurance?

At the bottom of insurance rates is the electric Hyundai Kona. Annual insurance costs for this vehicle are $1,339 – below the national average. However, these rates are not better than the popular Honda Accord, which costs $1,234 annually to insure. Even at lower prices the next most popular car – the Toyota Camry – costs $1,267 to insure a year.

Teslas are one of the most expensive electric cars to insure. The review of 17 EV models found that 3 of the 5 electric vehicles with the highest insurance costs are Teslas – specifically, the Tesla Model Y, the Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model S.

Generally, the more expensive your car is, the more expensive it is to insure – which is part of the reason why Tesla’s prices are higher than average. Another reason why insurance for Teslas is so expensive is that the repair and maintenance costs tend to be higher than most cars.

A 2015 study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported that the Tesla Model S had higher claims, accident claims and total losses than comparable luxury cars.

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The high weight of claims was thought to be due to the cost of replacing the car’s battery – a whopping $16,000. Kelley Blue Book reports that replacing the battery for the average car costs between $45 and $250.

Insurance rates for Teslas are higher than most other vehicles in their segment. See the graph below to see how the insurance costs of each Tesla model compare to other vehicles in the same segment.

Car insurance rates for electric vehicles tend to be higher than for motor vehicles. But why are the prices so high for these cars?

Auto Insurance For Electric Cars In New York: What You Need To Know

In general, insurance for electric cars is not based on the same principle as for conventional cars, said Miranda Yan, the founder of VinPit, a car data company that helps people use to find research about car information or history.

Average Cost Of Car Insurance For August 2023

According to him, there are a few main reasons why electric cars are more expensive:

On average, electric cars cost more than gasoline cars. It was found that the cost of electricity of a car model is 50% higher than the use of gas.

“There are many basic applications [in electric vehicles]; therefore, they are more vulnerable to damage in emergencies,” Yan said.

Yan said that EVs usually have different sizes and special parts that are often not repaired and recommended to be replaced. “Insurance companies think that electric car parts, in the event of an accident, may need to be replaced, not repaired. This will increase the cost [of money], which will be paid by the insurance company,” he said.

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“The increase in the price of the part will also increase the repair cost to the insurer,” said Yan. For example, an engineered battery costs more for insurance companies to pay. On average, those batteries can cost about $7,350 to replace. This is because the materials needed to power the battery and increase the power are often expensive.

“Since the market is still new for electric vehicles, the suppliers will not be able to lead a competitive market, and the parts are more expensive,” said Yan. Important note because the market has not grown enough to get the online part, which suddenly increases the price. it is considered complete [mostly after a disaster].”

On average, electric cars have higher insurance costs than gas cars. This difference is most obvious when you compare the insurance costs of electric cars and their hybrids. found that, on average, insurance for electric cars is likely to be 15% more than comparable motor models.

Auto Insurance For Electric Cars In New York: What You Need To Know

Also found that the Cost Effectiveness for an electric power model is 50% higher than its gas-powered equivalent. The table below shows the relationship between the cost of buying a car and insurance and shows the highest insurance rates for electric cars.

Car Insurance For Electric Cars

A review of 17 electric car models showed that USAA offers the lowest prices across the board for an annual price. However, keep in mind that this company is only for current military members, veterans and their families. The next cheapest company is State Farm, followed by Progressive.

To get the cheapest auto insurance, be sure to compare rates from multiple companies. Prices may vary by location and other factors such as your individual vehicle registration. Also, different insurance companies charge different rates for specific car models.

Insurance discounts can lower the cost of your annual premium. While the savings offered by each insurer can vary, most companies have coverage, safe driving and good student discounts that are more affordable for most drivers. It is recommended to find all the available discounts that the company has and compare quotes with other insurance companies to find the best price.

Although insurance costs may be more expensive, owning an EV can save you money in some ways that conventional cars cannot.

Hidden Costs Of Owning An Electric Car

There are many things to consider when evaluating the utility of an electric vehicle. The high insurance costs and purchase price of some EVs may not appeal to some drivers. However, various things may be more important to others – such as savings that can be obtained from long-term ownership, such as fewer trips to the mechanic, lower the cost of gas, government incentives and low carbon footprint.

For this analysis, data was collected from Quadrant Information Services, Kelley Blue Book and We researched premiums for different insurances, models and years of vehicles from national insurance companies at locations around the country.

The comprehensive and collision coverage provides $100,000 in personal injury, $300,000 in accidental bodily injury and $100,000 in property damage.

Auto Insurance For Electric Cars In New York: What You Need To Know

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Insurance for Electric Vehicles (EVs): Electric vehicles are special devices that require protection that goes beyond third-party insurance. Therefore, an insurance plan is more appropriate because it fully protects the insured car from various risks, especially after damages and losses caused by accidents other than an accident.

Insurance for Electric Vehicles in India: Electric vehicles, or EVs as they are commonly known, will undoubtedly rule 2022. If the industry buzz is anything to go by, the EV enthusiast seems to be here to stay. stay until next year. Industry reports expect a 40-49 percent CAGR growth rate for the Indian EV market. The dramatic increase in EV sales clearly indicates the growing popularity of this eco-friendly mode of transportation as the future of transportation. at.

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As a result, if you currently drive an EV or are thinking of switching to one, you should first know that an electric vehicle, whether hybrid or fully electric, requires motor insurance, just like normal cars. Since there is no special policy for them, they are protected under the same law that requires all vehicles to be insured under third party insurance. This policy protects the insured against any property damage or bodily injury caused by the vehicle. But, for EVs, insurance costs

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