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The Savvy Prize is back in its second year. Savvy is calling on all entrepreneurs from around the world with impactful for-profit or non-profit projects to apply for the 2023 Savvy Prize for Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs, which aims to recognize and support the efforts of impact-driven entrepreneurs to tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems in an innovative and sustainable way way to solve.

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Aside from recognition, the 2023 Savvy Prize offers many benefits, including cash prizes of up to $3,000, assistance with product development, and marketing efforts.

How it works

To apply for the 2023 Savvy Prize, you must first be a Savvy Fellow. This means that if you are not yet a Savvy Fellow, you must apply for the Savvy Fellowship Program and upon acceptance into the ongoing Fellowship program you can immediately apply for the Savvy Prize.

Anyone who is already a Savvy Fellow can now apply for the Savvy Prize. The application process for the Savvy Prize 2023 is very simple and straightforward. The application consists of six thought-provoking questions:

1. What is the issue you are addressing and why is it important? Why is now the best time to tackle it?

2. What is your proposed solution? What makes it innovative and scalable?

3. Who will benefit from this solution (specific target group) and where are they located?

4. If you are successful, the world will be better off because…

5. What are the key milestones you will achieve within the next 12 months after receiving the Savvy Prize? How will you know if you are successful?

6. What makes you or your team ideal leaders for this project?

Prices and Benefits

The 10 best finalists receive a certificate of achievement. However, the top 3 winners will receive the following:

First prize: worth $1,450

1. $450 – Cash

2. $450 – Article feature on 4 media sites

3. $550 – 1 year $540 web and app hosting + $10 domain name registration

Second prize: worth $1,000

1. $450 – Article feature on 4 media sites

2. $550 – 1 year $540 web and app hosting + $10 domain name registration

Third prize: worth $550

1. $550 – 1 year $540 web and app hosting + $10 domain name registration

About the Savvy Fellowship program

Available in 111 languages, the Savvy Fellowship program is a 12-week e-learning experience. As a Savvy Fellow, you will learn everything from ideation to scaling a business, including how to start, build and scale an impact venture.

Using visual presentations, we’ll help you answer all the pertinent questions you need to jumpstart this business with amazing impact, gain early traction, achieve product market fit and scale into newer markets.

Some of the things you will learn during the program are “Understanding your customers”, “Designing a product or service that effectively solves their key challenges”, and “Effectively positioning your solution in the market”.

Savvy is suitable for every impact entrepreneur, no matter what stage your company is in.

To date we have received over 92,000 applications from around the world and selected, trained and supported over 7,600 fellows from 158 countries.


The 2023 Savvy Prize is open to Savvy Fellows who are currently participating in the Savvy program or have graduated from the program.

Those who are not already Savvy Fellows can initially apply for the Savvy Fellowship Program and upon acceptance into the program they can immediately apply for the Savvy Prize. Current and former Savvy Fellows can now apply for the Savvy Prize.

It is important for those applying to the Savvy program to note that the program is open to aspiring and young entrepreneurs anywhere in the world. This means that the program accepts individuals who want to start a business and those who have already started one.

There are no geographic, ethnic, or academic restrictions. The Savvy Program accepts new Fellows between the ages of 18 and 40 who can apply to demonstrate their passion for learning and creating lasting change in their community (and the world). However, we consider applicants over the age of 40 with at least 5 years of professional or entrepreneurial experience.

How to apply for the Savvy Prize

For inexperienced Fellows:

1. Apply to the Savvy Fellowship program page.

2. Once accepted into the program, you can apply immediately for the Savvy Prize here.

For experienced companions

For Savvy Fellows (currently participating in the program or who have completed the program), you can apply immediately for the Savvy Prize here.

application deadline

The application deadline is December 31, 2022 at 00:00 GMT.

Read Terms and Conditions and other details here.