2022 top startups in the Philippines

The PHILIPPINE Startup Week 2022 (PHSW22) will take place from November 14th to 18th, 2022. Themed “Homegrown Heroes: Cultivating Future Tech Giants,” this nationwide five-day conference brings together the local startup community. dr Rafaelita M. Aldaba, Secretary of State for Competitiveness and Innovation, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), is hopeful and believes that “the Philippine startup ecosystem is thriving in the new normal, as evidenced by the unhindered growth of investment in a large pool creative talent and with more targeted government support, the Philippines is now a real emerging destination for startups.”

Sharing a list of startups provides a resource for job seekers excited by the opportunity to innovate, solve big problems, and expand their skillset. Success stories could also serve as inspiration for potential startup founders or entrepreneurs to expand the pipeline of companies in the country. LinkedIn and Shell LiveWIRE list their top startups for 2022.

In its first list, Top Startups in the Philippines, LinkedIn highlights local startups that have proven resilient in an uncertain market environment and continue to innovate in 2022. The list shows companies, mostly domestic technology companies, that have successfully capitalized on market opportunities amid the pandemic. LinkedIn analyzed data across four pillars to compile the list: employee growth, interest from job seekers, attraction of top talent, and engagement with the company’s LinkedIn page and its employees. Their top 10 startups are Tier One Entertainment, SariSuki, Shoppertainment Live, Kumu, Edamama, GrowSar, PDAX (Philippine Digital Asset Exchange), Edukasyon.ph, Peddlr and Prosperna.

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During the pandemic, a new class of entrepreneurs emerged who engaged in micro or solo entrepreneurship to increase income and overcome financial challenges. The entrepreneurs behind start-ups such as SariSuki, Shoppertainment Live, Edamama, Growsari, Peddlr and Prosperna had the opportunity to respond to the demands of the time. Led by local creatives and talent, live streaming platform Kumu underscores the country’s growing demand for innovative and interactive digital entertainment that champions Filipino voices and perspectives. Tier One Entertainment, a games and esports company, demonstrates the unique potential of this lucrative industry by investing in talent and technology. The educational technology (edtech) platform Edukasyon.ph saw an opportunity to be helpful in response to the disruptions in the education sector and the emerging concerns about the future viability of today’s youth. As digital finance becomes more mainstream in the Philippines, the rise of PDAX (Philippine Digital Asset Exchange), a native cryptocurrency exchange, shows Filipinos’ growing interest in exploring new frontiers in personal finance and investing to diversify their portfolios and optimize current economic climate and take advantage of future growth potential.

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Meanwhile, Shell LiveWire selected the top 10 tech startups 2022 contributing solutions to socio-economic problems: Bambuhay, Carbonamics, Evergrocer Zero Waste Online Shop Corp., Hive Energy PH, Kargax, Pieza PH, Recycle on Demand Bin, Sakahon, Suds Sustainable pods, and taxicles. Climate technology startup Carbonamics looks promising. They convert carbon emissions from the air into bioethanol – a chemical compound that helps minimize carbon emissions when mixed with fuel. JF Gauthier, founder and CEO of Startup Genome, believes in technology’s role in combating climate change. “Innovation from tech companies could be our best bet to prevent a global catastrophe given countries’ failure to negotiate or enact their way out on climate change. But these innovations would only succeed if cleantech startups scaled up,” Gauthier said in the GSER.

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There are 2,439 startups in the Philippines, according to Traxcn, an analyst-led platform that provides curated profiles of over 100,000 startups in over 230 sectors worldwide. Based on the 2022 GSER, there is a sharp improvement in Manila’s ecosystem value this year from $584 million last year to $2.1 billion. DTI reports that fintech and e-commerce remain the top-performing sectors in the country due to their talent density, support resources, and startup activity. It added that “a call for a united front and aggressive development of the Philippine startup ecosystem is needed to keep pace with the burgeoning and emerging ecosystems highlighted in the 2022 GSER report.” It would be interesting to see how the PHSW22 conference will engage startup founders, investors, corporations, academia, media and government agencies to foster collaboration, innovation and support for the continued growth of the Philippine startup ecosystem.

For a full list of events for PHSW22, visit https://www.phstartupweek.com/


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