2022 election: Nevada voters want answers on water, education, economy

The Las Vegas Review-Journal asked you what you want Nevada candidates to be talking about as we head into November’s general election.

Hundreds of you responded with a wide range of issues affecting Southern Nevada and the state as a whole, but there were certain issues that stood out, particularly people who wanted to hear “some concrete solutions” rather than “political hogwash and Rhetoric about the opponent”. .”

Here’s a look at our agenda, which will be the focus of our election coverage in the final weeks of the election, depending on what you’ve told us you’d like to hear:

water and drought

More than any other topic, they wanted to know how officials will deal with the drought on the Colorado River, which provides 90 percent of the region’s water.

Some want to know what politicians will do to expand Las Vegas’ water supply into the future, when the Colorado River, and with it Lake Mead, is expected to continue to shrink.

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Others want to know what officials will do to balance drought response with economic growth.

“How is Nevada working with Feds, neighboring states and the agricultural sector to solve water shortages without impacting economic growth?” asked one respondent.


The scars of the 2020 election remain as we prepare for the 2022 election. About two-thirds of the responses we’ve received that mentioned elections raised concerns given Republican candidates’ continued focus on unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud during the 2020 election.

“For every Republican candidate, why do you continue the big lie when there is no evidence of voter fraud?” Stephanie Selesnick asked.


With Nevada’s persistently low ratings for school achievement, education seems to be a top election issue every cycle — and this election year is no different.

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“A community is only as strong as our future potential, namely our youth. How do you plan to improve our public schools?” wrote one respondent.

In particular, people wanted to hear what the candidates will do to address teacher shortages and teacher wages.


The economy remains a top concern for Nevada residents as inflation continues to push up the prices of goods and pinch people’s wallets. And respondents told us they wanted to know what elected officials will do to stem this tide of rising costs.

How to bring down inflation and attract more diverse businesses to the Las Vegas Valley to make it more resilient to economic downturns are two areas you were particularly interested in knowing about.

“The middle class is suffering, what have you done or what would you do to stop the worst rate of inflation we have seen in almost 50 years,” asked Tony Ford.

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Settlement of the Roe v. Wade through the US Supreme Court this summer quickly made abortion rights one of the top issues in the 2022 election.

“Who protects women’s reproductive rights? I want to know in advance how they will vote on the issue,” wrote one respondent.

Some of this has been addressed in recent Review-Journal articles, which explored candidates’ attitudes toward abortion and what those attitudes might mean for Nevada in the future, including Republican reactions to a possible federal ban on abortion.

If you want to join the discussion, you can tell us what you want politicians to talk about on our website.

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