12 Books We Read This Week

‘Nation of Victims’ Review: The Blame Game

A call for the return of “outsider” America, which prided itself on conquering all odds, and the end of a culture that complains only of want and oppression. Review by Tunku Varadarajan

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From Meatspace to Metaverse: Two Books on Virtual Reality

Dreams of a silicon-made empire where anything is possible meet harsh realities – including who would make its rules. Review by Steven Poole

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Growing Up Human review: The monkey that stayed young

We are born almost helpless and take years to mature – the story of our long childhood is an evolutionary saga in itself. Review by David P Barash

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Shrines of Gaiety Review: Kate Atkinson’s Jazz Age

From the author of Life After Life, a tale of scandal and mystery set in 1920’s London. Review by Anna Mundow

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‘Democracy’s Data’ Review: The Country’s Census

America’s founders knew that an accurate national balance sheet would be a critical part of the republic’s success. Review by Michael Barone

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Fiction: “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni

A milestone in Italian literature, a historical epic sets lovers separated and reunited against the terror of the Black Death. Review by Sam Sacks

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Piet Mondrian Review: Painting in Search of Perfection

The obsession with the sea, represented in abstract horizontal strokes, led the Dutch artist to colored blocks and straight lines. Review by Maxwell Carter

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‘Different Speeds, Same Furies’ Review: Writers Keeping Time

In the fiction of Marcel Proust and Anthony Powell, epic breadth meets a focus on the smallest gradations of emotion. Review by William H. Pritchard

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Children’s Books: ‘The Wonderful Land of the Snergs’

Plus new picture books by Mo Willems and Annie Barrows. Review by Meghan Cox Gurdon

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The five best: books about children

Chosen by Ian McEwan, author of the recent novel Lessons.

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